Feb. 15th - Did you Ever Think how They Felt?
Canada returns to its place of power in the art world with the amazing new Les Newman and his innovative piece subtitled, "All the phone numbers of rude assholes who tried to make me feel like shit while I tried to make my living as a telephone market researcher in October 1998." The work is exactly what it sounds like and is a list of phone numbers that were rude to him when he called. It's not a complicated work, but still rivetting and noteworthy in the same sad pathetic way as a housewive's dryer lint sculpture or a psychotic hermit's human ear collection.
And although this type of artwork would normally be looked at as avant garde, it wasn't very appreciated this time. Experts on bad art say it's probably because everyone hates telemarketers. They speculate it would have been about 200 times faster to write down the people that actually weren't rude to him.
Canada was going to just ignore the laughably angry artist, but since it had some extra time on its hands, it created a piece of art to counter Les' work. It's a pile of sawdust and owl shit called, "Artists that call strangers and annoy them for money since they have no talent."
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