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Name: Meghan. Aeon. Pogo. Whatever

Occupation: Future Ruler of the Free World. Currantly an employee at Blockbuster. I must start at Viacom and work my way into the system somehow. (Im not there anymore...Im working for a headshop called Liquid. Yeah, I sell bongs, vibrators and raver pants. Its a frightening job, but some bluehaired girly-girl has to be there to frighten away the trash :D )

Hobbies: Putting marshmellow bunnies in the microwave. Making assinine websites. Oral Fixations.

Turn Ons: cold metal, hot rubber, things that sizzle when I place my tounge on them. "Quisp" Ceral, IRC, bashing netgoths

Turn Offs:, when things truley ARE too short to wear (i was surprised as you are...there is such a thing), green olives

Goodbye Message: when men hit on me at clubs I reply with "you turn me on. how about we go to your place and I hit it with my 13 inch black studded dildo?" they go away. I never understand why. (Seanbaby: It's going to take a lot more than that to get me to sit back down if you're wearing your american flag pants to the club.)

Speech: *tears in the eyes* thank you, thank you....Id like to accept this award in thanks of my mother for making me pretty. The television for raising me and goddammit, Seanbaby for helping me stay warped!

Now that Ive been given this moment to publiclly g00p about myself, go to my sites!

*nods* thats all. I go away now.


For the people that like to know more about sexy chicks, Aeon's girlfriend (left) made a page about her at (currently down)

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