Seanbaby: "A lot of people use tattoos to express their deep personal emotions and ancient tribal ancestry. These people are fags and should get back to their poetry. Caitlin tattooed Megaman on her ankle. And it's so bad it kicks the rest of her skin's ass three times a day."

Acceptance Speech:
Wow. I'm absolutely amazed, confounded and astounded. I have been chosen by Our Lord and Saviour Seanbaby to be a Reader Babe. As a confirmed disciple of Him, I shall, from here forward, devote my life to converting the sheep who have been led astray... for He is our Keeper and our Saviour, and shall be our only hope for Redemption once our hour has come. O Lord of 8 Bit Goodness and All That Is Mr. T, Guardian to the Realm, I prostrate myself to you and give you free reign of my services.

And, well, other than that, I'm legal, I'm from Chicago, I've been drawing anime / manga for about twelve years, I'm a nerd, I have 5 systems hooked up to a 13" TV about 3' away from my computer, I code, I do graphic editing, I like reading (comics, German philosophy, and random stuff), I do freelance / comissionable webpage design / tattoo design / pinup art, and I'm into body modification.

I run the site

I'm such a geek. (I knew my tattoo of the 8 bit sprite of Megaman on my ankle would get his attention.)

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