Claire is the hottie second from the right with the dark hair. But with all due respect, who cares? People looking at this picture have more important things to think about.

This is Claire dressed up with two cute friends. If you'd rather see her alone and naked, click here.

cheers ...... well bio is as follows I dont know what you deem acceptable ....

I was raised by two lesbians in Perth, Australia, left school at 15 to pursue hairdressing (my ambition is to work for Joel), left hairdressing at 20 to become a sensual masseuse, and am after several years of living in sin, am back home with my parents. When I grow up I wanna be a foxy computer geek, or a stripper.

turn ons... Ducati Supersports, icy-poles, toothpaste as a sex aid, clever people, carefree abandon

I like...... to flash people and public mischief

I'm so proud to be an official babe, I dream of a world where EVERYONE looks as good as the people on this page

You can go here to see me getting my belly button pierced, I start on the second or third page... and then go check out some ugly pictures of pierced fannies in the gallery. I think if you're gonna go that far, why not just give it a little trim or something?

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