"From Crissy's hobbies, you can tell she's into vampires, and that's got me worried. When vampires were annoying kids weeping on the bus in a cape, you could put a stake in them without even thinking about feeling bad. But there is no way you could fight a group of sunny, cute vampires like Crissy. That would be like trying to attack a basket of spring-scented puppies." - Seanbaby

Name: Crissy, or Crystal, Crystal Leah, Aggie, Teeki, etc etc..

Occupation: Student, tennis, Receptionist at a not-so-snappy salon, running my site -- livejournal.com/~littlefaerie

Hobbies: reading (c.s. lewis, anything vampire: the masquerade), music (the cure, aerosmith, ani difranco, tori amos, the clash, type o negative, amanda ghost, bauhaus, michael jackson, staind, david bowie, nine inch nails, at the drive in), friends, sitting and/or standing, tennis, piano, guitar, caution-tape-ing off people's neighborhoods...

Turn Ons: hot wax, girly-girls w/ shiny black hair, peter steele, tom baltzer, righteous babe records affiliations, white lace, schoolgirl outfits, pianists, the comic-geek type, witchblade

Turn Offs: homophobia, smelliness, 10year old girls who dress like they're about 20, lots of orange and yellow together, the gother-than-thou type

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