April 2nd, 2001
Well, it's been just over a year since I received the honourable title of "Reader Babe", and I must say it's been a rather eventful year.

I've loved, and lost, and loved again. I've made some fantastic life decisions and got a great job out of the deal (they pay me to be a geek!). I've grown as a person, and I discovered that I'm fucking hot with bright pink hair.

I've actually met some incredibly cool people because of my Reader Babe status, which was (and continues to be) an extremely pleasant surprise. Though, I'll not be completely satisfied til I meet Seanbaby himself. (Don't even get me started on those vinyl pants. [pounce])

I have recently realised my long time dream of becoming a comic character through PFFFT!, a web comic put together by me, PixelFish (another Reader Babe) and our friend, PFunK. It's very sexy. Beautiful, brilliant, colourful geek girls. Rowr!

All in all, being a Reader Babe has been a good thing. Thank you, Seanbaby, for all the time you put into Seanbaby.com, and thank you for loving your fangirls.

June 15th, 2000 - Thanks, Jenn! This was way better than what I thought I was getting.

Jennifer Fox
Seanbaby: "I've done all the research I can on this, and Jenn is in the top 1% of the "biggest reader breasts" category. That alone is plenty of reason to love her, but go to her website and you can find 20 or 30 more. Before that, though, here's her help to get you started wanting her:"
How about we do it the easy way first?
Clickity click.

Other than that... I'm 22. I'm a princess / ultrageek / puckbunny / SpiceGirl from Toronto. (Actually, I think at this point I'm only a wannabe geek.) I'm an English major. I'm the Reigning Empress of the Heartbreaker's Club. I've been called "worldly" and "cultured" all in one weekend. Oh yes, I'm an Egomaniac. [note the use of the capital E there.]

Fetishes include: Honesty, piercings, Darth Maul, kilts, intelligence, and confidence.

Alright alright. I have to go be Irish now. Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon. And in case I don't... Here's my little gush over Seanbaby...

[gush] You are hot and Seanbaby.com is (insert your favourite adjective here).[/gush]



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