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Megan: "You don't need beauty when you are kind and smart. Combine kind and smart with beauty, add a healthy dose of modesty, and you have ME. But I'm not on the reader babes page because I'm beautiful. It's because I'm cooler and smarter than most of you.

But here is my true claim to fame -- Seanbaby readers, bask in my glory, for I went to high school with Sean. He sat behind me in math class and tried to copy my homework.

Thanks, Seanbaby, for honoring me with a place in the Reader Babes page. If I had a Reader Babes page on my own modest homepage, you would be at the top of the list."

Seanbaby: "It's true. Megan and I went to high school together. But I never tried to copy her homework. Most days she was so baked, she'd come into calculus 20 minutes late with a tennis racket thinking it was gym. And I didn't just sit next to her because she's hot, but because if I breathed hard enough, I could get high off the smoke lingering on her clothes. It's why we both thought differential equations were so funny, and it's why we both skipped most of our afternoons to go to the grocery store.

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