Miz Kitty is a rock star here in Portland. She sings for Betty Already, a band made internationally famous by its incredible and fantastic website and Kitty's gyrating.

No matter how much I practice my moonwalking, she won't let me be the band's backup dancer. But she'll give me the job once she starts getting body parts in the mail. Or maybe she won't care since they all came off some hobo she's never met and the return address says "Presidant." Here's MizKitty's fabulous acceptance speech for her award as Official Hottie:

"Not only do I accept, but I marvel at the fact that I am not more often bestowed upon with any and all awards, real and imagined, that the world has to offer. Oh, and I thank seanbaby for his support and undying love. You are the wind beneath my wings, seanbaby!

Or is it wings under a gusto of wind? Or is it windy honey barbecued wings?

Or is it shut the door, the wind is messing up my wig? That's it. That's the one.


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