UPDATE: heya, its Nikol....just wanted to fill you in a lil...since its been a while

i moved to Long Beach, CA not too long ago (its like NY with a tan line), cause of work. (yes i still do pay sites and such)

my live cam site will be up fully soon, for now its semi-done at:


umm....think thats bout it fer now *licks*

- Nikol

The first thing that impressed me about Nikol was the pictures of her tied up and naked on her page. I love that. Then I found pictures of other women tied up and naked on her page. I didn't look at any of the other sections since they didn't sound like they would have naked tied up girls, but from what I've seen, Nikol knows how to build a damn website.

I did eventually get to the rest of her stuff after I checked the first two sections again. And again. Sometimes she freaks me out with weird stories of her pretending to be cat people or vampires, but stuff like that isn't so important if you're sexy and your clothes are somewhere else. I actually learned a lot from her page. I had no idea people that there were places people could go to pretend to be werewolves with other crazies. Not only that, but there are hundreds of them.

So yeah, she's probably insane, and she probably wants to eat you. Remember that when you're looking at her pictures.


upstate NY (oh joy! all the attitude with none of the taxis!)


members.tripod.com/GoldenComet (under construction, destruction, etc)

am i employed? oh wait yeah...if you have a browser and a credit card *WEG*i have also been known to show up in small federation pro wrestling events (A love for crappy local pro wrestling is the only thing I have in common with Nikol. You know, besides being super sexy - Seanbaby)

fetishes disguised as hobbies and pasttimes:
im a media junkie and it *is* documented someplace, im a lifestyle vampire (see here) and a frequenter in the who-needs-romance-when-you-have-rope life, adult entertainment amuses me now and then...im a sprouting anime and anthro artist and a broadcasting hopeful :)

personal notes:
beware Wyoming liscence plates...vampires are NOT always goths...jello is your friend...Bathesda, Maryland

acceptance speech:
first of all id like to thank my happy pills distributer man, the people who invented redheads, strippers and Midori, and of course the almighty Seanbaby for bein Seanbaby instead of say....Jerry Springer.