“We can't all be beautiful, hell, we can't all be literate - but on behalf of those of us that are... I'd like to thank seanbaby for creating an award celebrating such amazing accomplishments. I'd also like to thank my mother for this adorable nose, the Dance Hall Crashers for making such amazing girliepoppunk music for me to dance to, the fat people that hate me (for making me look even better), and Mike & Jen for putting up with my EGO.”


Name: *richelle*

Age: 19

Occupation: Goddess for hire

Special Talent: a double-jointed pinky

Guilty Pleasures: zebra print, leather, fuzzy bunny rabbits and anything pink/glittery

Turn-on's: zoot suits, Mike S, marshmallow cream, fake british accents, seanbaby and strawberry jell-o

Turn-offs: wookies, used dental floss, the Village People and capri pants

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