She is the one named SAILOR MAROON

Real Name- Carrie Tina Nomer (and if any one laughs i swear i'll..)


Location- Darwin Australia infront of a laptop

Occupation- Full-time cartoon princess and corruptor of innocent minds and stupid people

Favorite cartoon character- smurfette (because she used to be a man)

Favorite past time- Creating weapons of mass destruction

Favourite phrase to use in front of men- Do you think my breasts look real?

Favourite phrase to use in front of old women- Do you think your breasts look real?

Plans for the future- To go to uni. and become a lesbian (just to fit in), and to drink more booze than humanly possible.

For this award I'd like to thank- All the little people.Especially Peter the man who helped me win the annual Nightcliff dwarf throwing contest last year. "Onya Petey" As well as SeanBaby, the lead singer of Poison(the one who looks like a girl), Mr Whippy the ice cream man, and my flatmate Ramona cyber lesbian goth chick (because she has a gun at my head at the moment)

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