Sal G.
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Age: 17

Role Model: Tank Girl

Fav. Beer: PBR

Job: DQ Shitworker

Fav. Band: Operation Ivy

S&M?: Submissive

Most likely seen: Stealing from Ronald McDonalds House Charity Bullshit boxes to buy a cheeseburger

Worst sex place: In a neighbor's front lawn in the snow. Frostbite. In bad places.

River City Ransom was the shit. I'm a manga/anime artist, at least an aspiring one. I'm a hot asian punk chick. I'm not good at HTML, so my webpage is rather pathetic. But it is at

English is bad.

I may look silly in these pictures, however I am seriously a nerd! I play video games, draw anime and write stories with nothing but sex and violence in them. But I'd rather be playing in my band, or at a show. And I usually am. So I will end this by saying: Seanbaby you are the .... eh.... person.

So here's a quote from a person I work with. "Is happy birthday one word or two?"

love, Sal G.