My acceptance speeh: First off I'd like to thank Fastball for taking me out drinking and turning me into the corrupt, porn obsessed, ego queen I am today. I couldn't have done it without you. I'd like to thank my 25 pound cat, Baudelaire, for eating more then I do, and thus draining my food fund so I spend more money on him then I do on myself; This keeps me thin. I'd like to thank riding for giving me fucking great hips. (Or great fucking hips, whichever.) I'd like to thank Counting Crows for allowing me to retain some sensitivity. I'd like to thank all those people who believe that I can actually finish my book and have contributed food, drugs, alcohol and every so often money to this cause. I'd like to thank food, drugs and alcohol. I'd like to thank great sex. I'd like to thank my great grandfather for passing down the family nickname of "Shag" to means so much more today then it did back then. Of course, I have to thank my parents, who by their love and subtle overbearing ways have managed to turn me into the neurotic, but naturally blonde (-all- over), person I am. And finally, I'd like to thank Sean for providing a space for me to gloat, and who I will thank publically while I'm accepting my international Porn Star award. Feel free to include the following information: My web page: My e-mail address: