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I really don't know how we survived this one. Our planet gets so tossed around and smashed against things, we're lucky we're not red space paste on a pile of space gravel.

Someone should let Apache Chief know that he has a responsibility as a superhero to not kill us all by doing something stupid. You know, something like deciding to grow to the size of the solar system WHILE HE'S STANDING ON US.

I buy that we can live through getting caught in a cosmic giant's beard or thrown in his cute purse, but man, everybody knows you can't talk in space. The whole thing is like, you know, so implausable.

left: the comic adaptation of one of this episode's finest scenes.

Okay, that's great you're disentegrator proof, Superman, but you don't need to get all sarcastic with the guy. He didn't know. You're the idiots that put a disintegrator ray in your lobby, don't make fun of the villain when he decides to use it.