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Hey, people of the world, the Trouble Alert is not a toy. You can't just call the Super Friends every time some killer bees have five guys cornered in a hut. And now that I think about it, how did they make that phone call? They don't even have running water. Their entire village is a few tents and a pile of sticks, but there's their ambassador's head, in ceremonial fez and gold medallion calling in superhuman help. Maybe your first call should have been to a beekeeper, freak. What if there was a bigger emergency while they're busy helping you, like a picnic getting spoiled by ants?

They sent the right team member to do it, though. If they sent anyone but Aquaman, this would be the shortest episode ever. Only Aquaman can take 30 minutes to form a plan to put some bees in a fishing net. And only Aquaman and the writers of this show would think that would work.

(right) - Probably the coolest possible thing you can see when you turn on your TV. This guy not only won the Worst Misuse of the Trouble Alert trophy, but also the Trouble Alert Oustanding Fashion Award.

I really hope he was using this killer bee phone call as an excuse for something else. Like, "Super Friends, we have a deadly crisis! And... oh yeah, this isn't why I called, but do you guys have that 20 bucks you borrowed from me?"