Captain Cold was the fearsome sunglassed villain who dressed like a blue eskimo and had a gun that shot ice. It was almost as deadly as a real gun, making him nearly a match to any normal highway patrolman. He's called Captain, but as far as I know, he has no real military rank. It's possible he makes little armies of ice guys and screams orders at them, in which case, he can pretend to be anything he wants. I just don't think others should call him by the rank given to him by his toys.
FAVORITE SCENE: Backfiring Frost
During one of those meticulously non-violent superhuman battles between the Legion of Doom and the Super Friends, Captain Cold faced off against his nemesis, The Flash. Captain Cold fired a blast of ice at the Flash, confident his attack would be unstoppable. However, he was so busy thinking up his clever announcement of "My super cold ray will freeze you into oblivion!" that he forgot about his opponent's super speed. The Flash ran over, grabbed him, and brought him back to stick him in the way of the ice blast. And Captain Cold sat motionless in a mass of ice of his own making, fearing that after this amazingly embarrassing moment, the Super Villain Diner would finally replace the Captain Cold Slushee with the Bizarro Superman Pickle Bacon Peanut Butter Casserole.
You may not get killed from Captain Cold's snowball gun, but you're getting hit by something chilly, and that's still pretty evil.