If Cheetah has any super powers, she fooled me. Judging by her name, I always figured she was fast. However, after carefully reviewing her past altercations, I have concluded that she is just a chick in a spotted cat costume that got her membership on the Legion of Doom in exchange for deviant sexual favors for Lex Luthor. I'm not going to go into detail, but the episode called "The Super Friends vs. The Erotic Head Wax" was one of the more adult oriented ones.

FAVORITE SCENE: The Quick Witted Kitten
As her and two other members of the Legion of Doom entered the center of the Earth to search for the Monolith of Evil, they encountered a giant creature made out of magma. Cheetah screamed, "Oh no! It's a lava monster!" while remaining strangely motionless. I guess she didn't run since she was so confident her cat pajamas would protect her from any molten attack. I had a similar technique when I was a kid and used my bed sheet as a shield against monsters. However, it only takes one drunken parent in a wolfman mask with a baseball bat before you figure out that doesn't work.

She's completely useless in a fight, doesn't have the mind for any decent criminal plans, and like most of her colleagues, has no super powers. But she's hot. And I would have even given her a higher Super Rating if she didn't do that fucking Eartha Kitt purring voice all the time. Oh, and I think it's funny that she's trying to take over a universe using a stupid leopard costume and a silly voice as her weapons.