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Luthor knows the importance of a good disguise when there's no one around to care or ask questions. I bet he does it at home to his girlfriend.

"Ha ha ha! You do not know what I, the mysterious stranger, is doing in your house! You are asking yourself, who is this man?! What does he want with me? I do not recognize him!"

"Shut up, Lex. I know it's you. I'm trying to watch TV."

It's a good mask too. He transformed himself from a bald man to a bald man with a face that's kind of hanging off. Sinestro went even one deceptive step further. With one simple crappy mask, he transformed himself from a purplish freak to kind of a pinkish freak without pupils in his eyes. I guess he did manage to jam some of that insane chin in, so I maybe not everybody would have recognized him. These guys would probably have more convincing masks if they just slapped some sandwich meat to their faces.

Witness Their Dramatic Transformations!