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This is why the world needs the Super Friends. The regular cops are no match for the powers of Brainiac and Riddler. For example, who among them would have the super fast reflexes to pull the trigger on his ping pong ball launcher before Riddler finishes his threat, walks slowly over to his robot, and yanks the starting cord. It's inconceivable.

Here: you can reinact this battle at home. You're the cop and your friend's the Riddler. Have him/her stand 15 feet from a light switch and pull a gun on them. See if you can shoot them in the time it takes for them to tell you they're going to turn on the light switch then walk over and do it. Not as easy as it sounds, is it Dirty Harry?

Note: If you don't have a friend or a gun, you can try this experiment in traffic. When you're sitting at a red light and it turns green, try to make your car go forward before the guy behind you lays on his horn calls you an asshole. If you can, your quick thinking and catlike reflexes only need to get teamed up with a gun that looks like a hair dryer to make you a fully qualified policeman on the Super Friends.