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Memoirs of Jimmy, carnival worker:

"I still remember when Ted was filling the warehouse with lifelike inflatable Robins sitting in working inflatable bumper cars. I got a little worried when he spent the next 5 months making sure they could drive around under their own power, appearing to even the biggest headed observer to be the real Robin sitting in a runaway bumper car."

"He said to me, 'They'll come in handy some day, Jimmy! You'll see! Everybody will see!' Then he went back to work. He was insane, but driven. I knew somewhere in my heart Ted might be right. Someday the Earth just might need these amazing inflatable bumper car Robins. And even if they didn't, Ted had the forethought to make their gaping mouth holes just big enough to keep me staying after work night after night."

"I learned years later that one day Robin was at the carnival on a mission and used those fantastic balloon clones of himself. I never heard from Ted again. I know he's out there... somewhere where someone is calling him crazy. Calling him insane.... laughing at his latest project. Is Ted really crazy? Or is maybe Ted the most sane of us all."

Special Fun Game: Remember when I said everyone ignores Robin when he does something and talks to Batman instead? That happens twice in this video. See if you can spot both.