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As if we didn't hate these fuckheads enough, now we find out they're intergalactic traffic cops. Where do the space ticket fines go anyway? Nobody's building any damn highways out there.

Taken from the C.R.A.P. mission statement:
Every year super legislation takes more and more of the money collected from space tickets and puts it towards frivolous expenses. Useless expenditures such as Aquaman's jetski, literally millions of Teen Trouble Alert Activators, and huge salary increases for the stray cats the Super Friends dress in capes. The Citizens for Responsible Aeronautic Planning, C.R.A.P., demands that our funds are used more responsibly for the purchase of emergency space phones, rest areas, and space traffic lights. And if these needs cannot be met, the funds should be spent on a pizza party with cheerleaders. Cheerleaders with real tits. Space tickets are expensive, we know you can afford the ones with real tits. Thank you.