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This is the first time I've actually thought about it, but if you've got a tiger locked inside a bus full of delicious children, the first thing you want to do is NOT LEAVE TO GO TO YOUR FRIEND'S HOUSE. Turn into a frozen ball of ice yarn, or a naked girl tiger with four vaginas. I don't know, something. (note: I swear I didn't edit this. They really left to go to Susie's house in the show.)

I don't really know anything about tigers except that when you go to the zoo, the damn things won't wake up no matter how many peanuts you throw at it. I do know this, though: if one of them is trying to eat your friends, do not call the Wonder Twins. They're going to go for a jog, show up later with a monkey, and from there it's just a race to see which of the three of them is going to cause a fatal accident first.