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Make sure you don't have anything in your mouth when the kid with the larger afro says, "You wouldn't be so brave if you didn't have muscles!" That's advice I wish someone would have told me before I ruined my TV.

This is a classic Teen Trouble Alert. After they broke up this game of chicken, they got a call about two kids eating next to a pool and about to think about going in, and a couple at dinner about to have red wine with their fish. That wasn't really a teen problem, but Wonder Woman was busy fixing someone's cable, Batman was weeding the Gotham Flower Factory's flower bed, and Superman was reinflating an old lady's wheelchair tire. It was either call the Wonder Twins or let them brave the hardships of life themselves.

Sports Review:
You know, the Wonder Twins can't even bowl right. In fact, it looks like the laws of physics are bending just to make sure they suck at it.