Warning: this quiz just for Donald Trump supporters. If you're a decent person you can still play along, but from now on I'll be talking directly to the Nazis. Hi, Naz-- oh, you're not technically Nazis? You're neo fiscal white nationa... you know what? Let's acknowledge that fascism is a beautiful spectrum of Nazi-adjacent hate grou-- oh, they're not technically "hate" groups? Really? I'm the real hate group because I won't let y-- okay. I think we better skip past the politics and get straight to the quiz.

So you're still a Trump supporter? Even after all the-- ha ha, really? Well, none of this is your fault. There are multi-billion dollar industries designed to confuse the stupid into blind allegience and we should be blaming them, not you. You fucking idiot. Seriously, you goddamn fucking idiot. Trump is so obviously a... I mean, how do you even enjoy cartoons when you can't tell who the villain is? Can you really not tell when a guy is full of shit? You're going to give all your money to the first Amway salesman you m-- shit, sorry. I can't fix your idiocy with my contempt. But I can fix it with a quiz!

It's only 3 questions long and you can answer each as cynically or politically incorrectly as you want. There's no need to lie or hide from your Nazi shame. Use your gut or Google around for the latest research. Open your heart or be a cock! It doesn't matter! However you fill it out, it will show you what you, by your own standards, think about Donald Trump. There are literally no politics involved. Here we go:

Question 1:
100 men are being sued. They promised to pay workers and then they didn't. You don't have time to look at all the contracts, but your gut is never wrong and you know some of them are guilty. How many of these defendants will turn out to be lying fucking crooks? Like, those exact words.

Question 2:
100 men have filed defamation of character lawsuits after their feelings and/or personal brand got hurt. You don't have all the details. Maybe their lives are being destroyed. Maybe they are exploiting the court system to destroy lives themselves. But when it comes down to it, how many of these guys are just fragile little bitches? Again-- that exact phrasing.

Question 3:
This one is dark. 100 men have been accused of rape. But you know how things work. You're a front lines combat veteran in the war for men's rights. You've theorized countless hypotheticals involving female untrustworthiness. How many of these accused rapists actually did it?

Here are your results!
Donald Trump has been sued over 140 times for stiffing contractors. Which means, by the standards you personally use to judge people, you feel there's a
% chance Donald Trump is a lying fucking crook.

All politics aside, his 14 frivolous defamation lawsuits make you personally
% certain Donald Trump is a fragile little bitch.

And finally, after three rape accusations (one by a child), you personally believe with
% certainty that Donald Trump is a rapist.

This quiz was expertly written and clumsily coded by Seanbaby.