Hi, The Web's User! I'm Seanbaby, and I invented being funny on the Internet right here!

Over the decades, this place has sprawled and tangled into directions science has no name for, but feel free to wander its dark ruins to reminisce or battle through my Cracked columns.

The good news, World Web, is that I can't die and will never leave! In 2020, I teamed up with Robert Brockway and an all-star cast of writers to create the greatest and last comedy website: 1900HOTDOG.

Like the fun times we used to have, 1900HOTDOG publishes new articles every weekday about cursed artifacts left in our world by careless monsters. We're funded entirely through Patreon, hopefully by users like you, and we have a celebrated podcast, The Dogg Zzone 9000.

You can find jokes there, or if you need me for something else:
email: seanbaby at seanbaby dot com
Twitter: @Seanbabydotcom