Celebrating Independence like a Bad Motherfucker: Homemade Fireworks
Not as safe as it sounds.
America Rules: Homemade Fireworks Part 2
I rally liberty by cooking a foreign mystery feast, and then begins an explosive patriotism competition.
The Internet Film Laser Squad's Top 100 Funniest Films of All Time
The massive and unfinished team-critique of the AFI's list by the same name.
Ultimate Article: Erik Wolpaw and I Write it.
The Secret Service detains me, Jerry Bruckheimer's exploitation of black wackiness is examined, and adventures are chosen by you.
A collection of articles detailing our death at the hands of robot hands. Featuring Phil Collins.
Reader Mail
Start your journey of Seanbaby.com reader discovery! Christian madmen! Insane fan-submitted comics! Guestbook Greatest Hits!
E3 2000 and E3 2001
When the games of the future were in 2000 and 2001, Erik and I touched them.
The Original Stupid Page
One of the first pages I ever Internetted. A touching examination of the stupid exploring both gay rodeos and puppets.
Useless Power-Ups

Congratulation! Awards

Mega Man Characters

Ninja Gaiden

River City Ransom

Wally Bear and the NO! Gang
The Nation that Freaked Out
In the fallout of 9-11, panicked Americans flipped out in many different directions. Who would have known we were such total spazzes?
Why We're Sarcastic
Some theories on why we're dicks, and why you're sure everyone is dumber than you no matter who you are.
Chicken Head
McDonald's served someone an entire fried chicken head, which was sort of a dream come true to someone with a comedy news website.
Austrian Artist Explodes Cow
Nossing changes ze artistic landscape like 800 pounds of ze flying, detonated beef.
MTV's Jackass Upsets Morons, Pussies
Before 9-11, our nation panicked through the aftermath of a much smaller crisis: the original Jackass series.
Women vs. Scary Nike Commercial - October 16th, 2000
Afghanistan's Lovable National Sport: Buzkashi - February 20th, 2002
Science Tales of Horror - December 11th, 2001
Dipshits File Lawsuits - October 15th, 2001
Parents Sue Video Games - May 15th, 2001
Oregon Christians Rally Against Gay School Children - October 26th, 2000
Coffee Drinkers Sue Common Sense. Again. - September 13th, 2000
Pope vs. Gays - July 12th, 2000
Panda Porn. Seriously, Doctors in China are Making Panda Porn. - April 25th, 2000
Temptation Beach vs. a Book About Retarded People- January 15th, 2001
Children Suspended for Pointing - April 12th, 2000
Drunk Man Explodes Himself, Sues Alcohol Salesmen - March 9th, 2000
Racism vs. 80's Television Trading Cards - January 17th, 2000
Fat Chicks in Litigating Party Hats - Dec. 23rd, 1999
Pro Wrestling Toy Preaches a Message of Murder - Nov. 8th, 1999
Cloning Bonanza! - Feb. 21st, 2000
Alaska Just Says No With New Future Airport Device - Nov. 27th, 1999
Hugh Downs vs. the Mummy - May 30th, 2000
Skanks: Supreme Court Finds Your Nipples, Vaginas Illegal to View - March 30th, 2000
Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? - Feb. 29th, 2000
1999 - Year in Review
Lakes win NBA Finals. NOW! LAKER FANS SMASH!!! - June 21st, 2000
Twinkie Shortage! World in Panic! - March 22nd, 2000
The Most Convenient Way for You to Abandon Your Babies. - March 13th, 2000
Fuck You, UNICEF - Dec. 14th, 1999
Rock Musician Not Really Star of Land of the Lost - Sep. 26th, 1999
Babies at New Low Prices - Sep. 11th, 1999
Bear... EXPLODES! - Aug. 29th, 1999
Junk Mail Charity
Governors Draw Little Monsters, Children Get Smarter - Aug. 8th, 1999
Midgets Start Conquest With Portland, Oregon - July 5th, 1999
Tokyo Attacked by Radioactive Birth Control Pill - June 8th, 1999
Jesse's Got a Gun - Feb. 11th, 1999
Me vs. Congress Over Future Toilets - July 17th, 1999 and Congress Responds
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