Graphic by Taylor Ellis

The Slugger

By Old Man Murray's erik, and he didn't make it with a fancy homeschooled education or inherited super devices like you silver spoon fed pansies. He did it from prison. From hard, pipe hitting, medieval-on-your-ass prison. It even won him this contest. In his own incarcerated words:

"Until I'm sprung, Final Fight is my only connection to the world of video games. I have decided to make the best of it and create a serialized comic strip that combines my current obsessions: Final Fight, Christian salvation, life inside, and Seanbaby. I have plotted sixty eight-panel strips and will present one a week until I run out or am released. The comic can be enjoyed on one level as a rousing, masculine tale of action and adventure within the prison system. But for those of you wanting to attempt a deeper critical analysis of the work, it is the story of Mayor Mike Haggar's trek across Metro-City presented as a metaphor for the journey of the soul."

Legions of Latex

By the two Michaels of Diaper Man, who shouldn't be judged by the the name of their poo-filled pacifier sucking mascot. They've created a masterpiece of superhero vs. snack art. I haven't liked a piece of literature this much since I found my mom's copy of the Joy of Sex when I was 11 years old.

The Seanbaby NES Game

by Some Random Guy: A kneeless combat robot, Seanbaby, vows to defeat GOD to restore EVERLASTING PEACE to the world. For play on the Nintendo Entertainment System - starring GUTSMAN(tm), FIREMAN(tm), and CUNTMAN(sm).

If you or someone you love illustrated a adventure, they're almost always appreciated. Send them in to me at Reader Comics

The Adoracubbies!
by various

Return of God
by Taylor Ellis

Ghost Towne Comics
by Bryan Stadler

The Alienboy Collection
by Alienboy 52

Seanbaby's E3 Adventure
by jerm

Project Mayhem Pt. 1
by Mr. Kalamazoo

Project Mayhem Pt. 2
by Mr. Kalamazoo

A Really Bad Comic
by Eightman

Mr. T.entacle Rape
by A Mystery

Pro. Bad Motherfuckers
by LiquidNasty

The Amazing Voyage
by DamageDog

Seanbaby's Crusade
by Naz

Seanbaby vs. Godzilla
by Baglieg

Seanbaby Combat
by Jess Ragan

SB Becomes a Glam Rocker
by Jake Vinson

Seanbaby Meets Pokey
by David Sarton

Seanbaby Goes to the Zoo
by KenC

by M

Best Buds 4 Eva
by DamageDog

SB vs. Planet of the Apes
by Substance1987

by Carly Stallone

SB in Samurai Shodown
by William James

Seanbaby Man's Revenge

by GwamC, documenting my epic battle against the US National Video Game Team

SB is More Pretty Even More
by Magical Prince Lee Ham

Marathon Madman
by Cedric "Neato Man" Henry

Stony-Eyed Medusa
by Cedric "Neato Man" Henry

Shitty Comic
by "Me Damnitt!"

I Don't Suck, Old Guy
by Cedric "Neato Man" Henry

A Matter of Honour
by Witch Hazel

Seanbaby Pokemon
by jogs

How Alien Boy Got His Lumps
by Doxner

Tonerz Part 9
by TRK

Handicap Awareness
by Nick Doane

Tentacle Robot Surprise Panties
by Chase

Song: Seanbaby's Theme Song
by Jason & Lee-Ham

Song: Seanbaby in the House
by Scrilla Tee

Song: Seanbaby Theme Song #3
by Colin Younkin

Game: The Seanbaby Game
by Walt Doyenart
(Note: This game is fucking amazing.)

Game: The Simbaby Skin
by James Donaldson

Game: Seanbaby's Bus Ride
by Richter

Nazi Killing Time Warp Dealy
by Jeremy Quetglas

Bukkake Death Camp!
by Jason 8888

Seanbaby's Revenge
by Cherik

Parade Kid vs. Thralldom
by Portal of Evil

Seanbaby vs. Bacon
by Lance Majere

The Quest for Potency
by David Sarton

Super Happy Baby Baby Fun 1
by Pyre

Super Happy Baby Baby Fun 2
by Pyre

Mr. T vs. Seanbaby

by DJ Droppo
Stop yo jibba jabberin', sucka! Find out which of us can pity more fools! The two professional bad motherfuckers aim their feet for each other's asses, and for some reason -- I'm rapping the entire time.

Pokebaby Loses His Head
by David Sarton

Insane Scribblings
by Richard Cohen

Seanbaby Action Figures
by David Sarton

The Problem With God
by antonyms

Alien Boy's Game
by Some Random Guy

Alien Boy Comic
by Some Random Guy

Seanbaby vs. Fat Parents
by Some Random Guy

Artist: Morgazmo
Through comic adaptations of, Morgazmo's shown me nail a turtle bikini-model to a board just to watch it die, fuck Megaman enemies, stop my good twin with pictures of Fat Chicks in Party Hats, strategize my combat readers against an army of deranged Christians, kill Alienboy 52 with my cock, and watch Joyce strike out in a jealous rage against Bubble Man. Oh, Bubble Man, our dreams were real... our tears were of happiness. Until that revengeful bitch I call a girlfriend found our recently-fucked bodies in bed. Still ringing in my nightmares, "Is kick me!" was her deathcry of betrayal.
Morgazmo comics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Seanbaby vs. Dr. Wily
by King Bahamut Gidorah

I'm the Guy With the Gun
by Jeremy Combs

SB Meets the Firing Squad
by Jeremy Combs

The Unlucky Hitchiker
by Synapse

Battle of the Disco Queens
by J Bone

Seanbaby & Nester
by fifth children


by Lance Steele

by Y2C

by Turkboy

by G.A. Golemblak!

by Fetisha

by Rade

by Yamcha

by Lee Ham

by Yamcha

by LiquidNasty

by Levendis

by Brienne

by Levendis

by Justin

by Marius