The Alienboy 52 Collection
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By far, the most dedicated fan is Alienboy 52. He even has a homepage about me with hundreds of more comics he draws in the back of class (dead again). This kid scares me worse than my ex-girlfriends' doctors requesting a DNA test. He's completely insane and about one video game away from killing his entire school. And after a ragtag team of a hard boiled detective, an astrologist, and a talking police dog get together and check his internet bookmarks, his parents and community leaders are going to sue me for my entire lottery-built fortune. I guess I'll finally get to be on Hard Copy for something other than getting my head chewed on by a grizzly bear.

Because I needed an accurate description and likeness to give to my bodyguards and local police, I asked Alienboy 52 to send me this information. Also, my guard dog trainer is requesting a pair of your "I heart Seanbaby" underoos to imprint your scent on my compound's Dobermans. Please send them in a hermedically sealed lead container.

Of course Seanbaby lord and near immortal master of all! Here is my pic and bio!

Name: Darcy

Nickname: Alienboy 52, or Alienboy

Age: 15

Social Status: Loser...

Likes: RPGs and Anime

Dislikes: People who make constant fun of me, except Seanbaby lord of all!

What I want to do in the future:
definitely killing christian pigs, killing them usually through extreme torture, like hanging them in my closet and whipping them for hours.

How I found Seanbaby's page:
I was looking for the people most likely to stop christians, then that was when Seanbaby's name appeared.

Download the Legend of Sean My evil parents started off my life by getting me circumcised! Those religious bastards!!! Then they got me baptized, and made me go to church. Luckily my parents moved, then my mom, being the whore she is, fell in love with a 50 year old. Good thing I didn't have to go to church anymore. Unfortunately the christians didn't stop, they told me to believe in their religion, I resisted. Then the Jehovah witnesses came, they brainwashed me into believing them. For a year I was a Christian, until I found out that the world wasn't flat, and it wasn't only 6000 years old. My whole world changed! I finally understood that the Earth revolved around the sun and that the Earth wasn't the centre of the universe. It was then apparent to me that Christianity had to be stopped.

Ninja NES graphic by Boss The Big Bit