"Yayayayayaayayayayay! Seanbaby is my hero!!!
I love you Seanbaby you're my hero I hope I grow up to be like you one day! Christians suck!!! Seanbaby the heavens move for you! You are like the northern star always constant. Seanbaby for supreme dictator!!!

Yes the christians must die! My solution is a simple one.
1) Make it illegal to force people to go to church.
2) Now put all the good TV programs on Sundays.
3) Murder all who oppose
Yes I know I spelt that wrong but I don't care, the world will never be a better place till all christians and their religion are destroyed! The christians have always been evil, like for example why the hell did the romans turn catholic? Easy because they murder all the other emperors and crowned their own. That sound very biblical to you? See and they both believe in the bible, the book of all evils. God doesn't exsist and if he did he would be evil.
Thank you, I know this letter sucks, but I felt like writing it."