Thousands of videos are poorly made. But only the most special among them have the perfect combination of ridiculant and ludicrazy to be considered Absoludicrous.
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NOTE: Some of these have videos from the old school Internet, so you'll need RealPlayer or the equivalent to watch them.
Fit Dogs: Pilates for Pooches
Finally, a workout safe for your competitive dog's joints.
Straight Up
Lou Gossett Jr. gives a magic headband to TV's Chad Allen with all the powers of drug awareness.
Learn the art of Dancing Dirty
Erotic pelvic instructional video, featuring the music of SKEEEEN YAAAAH.
Irony, high art, and madness collide when deaf people perform music (they think).
Mr. T's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool
The legendary sort-of self help entertainment extravaganza.
Chair Dancing vs. Oxycise
Two impossibly easy workout videos square off!
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