Here are some favorites from the NES Page, one of my site's first sections:
The 20 Worst NES Games of All Time

The Further Adventures of Mark Discordia

Dear Nintendo, My Life is a God Damn Mess

Based on Crap: The 10 Worst Ideas to Make NES Games About
Bye EGM! Peripherals from the Year 1,000,000
10 Naughtiest Games of All Time
20 Worst Games of All Time
Paid to Play: Unprinted Afterword
#176: Cat in the Hat, Spy Muppets
#184: Bad Video Game Movies
#172: All Star Issue! Aquaman, He-Man, CNBC
WWE - Road to Wrestlemania X8
Barbie Groovy Games
Secret Agent Barbie - Royal Jewels Mission
Army Men - Turf Wars
Stake - Fortune Fighters
E.T. - The Interplanetary Mission
My Disney Kitchen
Karnaaj Rally
Monster Bass!

From 2003 to 2008, my job with EGM was to play in their trash. I made sure the band N*Sync enjoyed a game of basketball before their big concert. I learned colors with Mary Kate and Ashley, and I beat confused, helpless lab technicians to death as Steven Seagal in the unreleased Steven Seagal Is The Final Option. I once screamed, "Is this a game for Dora the Explorer watchers or fucking retards?!" at my Gameboy, by myself, and meant it. I got the stars of Bad Boys kicked off the police force for shooting too many watermelons. So to say I had a rich, fulfilling experience with EGM wouldn't be an understatement. It'd just be really stupid and wrong.

I've annotated each article for an intimate look at what I was thinking or maybe how much my editors hated it. Yes, finally, the story behind typing about bad games can be told.

Bonus game: each annotation will have a picture of me with a game/nerd-related celebrity. Are you nerd enough to name them all?

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