The Seanbaby Theme Song
lyrics by Prince Lee-Ham
performed by Jason
This is the original, finally set to music by the funky stylings of Jason. This song has already shredded the charts in Germany, Uruguay, and has been declared the national anthem of Canada. The UN has even acknowledged its positive effect on international harmony with a certificate (with a gold seal!) and has adopted a Panda under the name of The Seanbaby Theme Song.

That is a tasty burger. "Who da man wit da masta plan?
Who gets kicks dissin' Aquaman?
Seanbaby, no maybe
Hung like a stallion but dresses like a lady

Who dat is?
Who dat is?
Seanbaby, baby!

Who da one wit da neon hair?
Who gots Wonder Woman's underwear?
Seanbaby, he gonna bust a move
Congraturation! A winner is you!"

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Songwriter's comments:
"Seanbaby, thank you for making the world a better place. Me and my friends love your page, and I constantly quote your material because I have no imagination of my own. So, as a tribute, I have written this funkadelic hip-hop groove. Don't worry, I didn't put any effort into it."
- Prince Lee-Ham