Musician's Comments:
"I have paid homage to you."
“I had a dream last week. In it, Geraldo approached me and asked me if I had a cup of coffee. I spent the entire day trying to figure out what the dream meant. Finally I asked this girl who down the street who calls herself Emerald, to interpret my dream. She told me it represented my need to give something back to the community, instead of always taking away.”

“Of course! I have to pay tribute to he who has helped me get where I am today. Unfortunately, Kermit the Frog is only a puppet, so instead I wrote a 12 line hip-hop song about you. It's illin'. It's phresh. It's available in mp3. It's not much right now, but as soon as I get enough money to have it pressed on cd's in bulk, I expect it to go platinum 3 times over.”


It's the "S" to the "E" to the "A" to the "N"
"B" "A" "B" "Y", throw it all on the end
That's Seanbaby if you can't comprehend
And he's bustin' more skills than a Superfriend
So get back, and bitch, you better listen
He's smackin' the whack and he's dissin' the Christians
Gonna rule the world with his super powers
Even if he ain't down with deadly Towers
So don't be shy he's a kickin' guy
Just sit back on-line with a Hostess pie
Don't fuck with the G with the hair that's blue
Three cheers for Kora! I thought you knew.

Seanbaby's in the house
Seanbaby's in the house
Seanbaby's in the house
And if you ain't down I'm gonna kick you in the mouth

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