Contact the Artist: Morgazmo
Artist Comments: "Like my burly protector, you sprang forth and told that Fred from the guestbook what a bitch he was. Besides, I think Alienboy took my portrayal of him well. I'm of course basing this on the fact that he hasn't broken into my house and peeled my skin off yet. Anyway, as a reward for your kindness, I've added four pannels to one of my stupid comics, just for you. It's got those uptight God kids from your reader mail page having a brawl with you and a couple of other people. From what I've gathered while trying to stay awake in Church, God is kind and forgiving, instead of wrathful, so he'll probably grant me a slippery orgy if the comic makes him giggle. But through all of this, I still can't help but think that Fred was right. So in all of my future comics, you'll be a poorly drawn figure. You'll denounce Christianity and kill MegaMan in every other pannel before you brutally sodomize the Harlem Globetrotters. Expect loads of mail soon."