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Witch Hazel and I met like many sexy people do - she sent me a link to a page about children humping a giant Jar Jar Binks doll. I knew then that I'd made a special friend. Someone with whom I could tagteam the ass of a computer generated muppet with and laugh about it later.
"Did you hear how that floppy headed Jamaican thing called me 'masa?'" I would reminisce.
And Hazel would take the cigarette from her pouty lips to whipser, "Yeah. That was the fucking hottest thing I've ever seen. And I'm from CANADA!!"

To hear more about this mysterious babe, visit The House of Mystery: Hazel Hatch's Homepage

My dearest Seanbaby:
My heart swells to the size of Pamela Anderson's pre-reduction tits, filled with warm creamy pride at being one of the very first Reader Babes. I feel like a Bond Girl, only I don't have to worry about being murdered by being dipped in gold. I can instead look forward to my cute leather-clad image being smothered in the salty spooge of the likes of the peculiar Alienboy52. And, in that vein, I have included a bit of a bio to help everyone make their fantasies a little more realistic.
Witch Hazel

Name: Witch Hazel

Occupation: Sister of Mercy

Talents: Gyrating, Sucking the tasty filling out of Creme Eggs

Turn ons: Leather, Hostess Cupcakes, shiny objects, Parade Kid

Turn offs: BO, excessive ass hair, tentacles

Favorite 80s movies: Flash Gordon, Day of the Dead. Bub the Zombie fucking rules!

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