Effectiveness: 7/10
You're always going to run into problems when you translate your ad from Italian into English and then into He-Man.

Rescue Plan: 10/10
Step 1: Your friend is unrestrained and unsurrounded, but it's still up to you to rescue him, He-Man!
Step 2: Have your wizardy thing play with gum near the enemy.
Step 3: Unfamiliar with gum sounds, the slave guards will be confused.
Step 4: Now, when they're at their most alert, launch a surprise attack!
Step 5: Since you're a Master of the Universe, there's only two of them, they don't really have any powers, and your friend can help, it's a suicide mission!

Quotability: 9/10
I've been dying to find the right time to say, "Friends! Skaletor should die or everything will be ruined!"