Effectiveness: 7/10
As far as I can tell, Old Nick's plan to save the crowd was to jump out of the audience and highjack an ambulance, then crash it into a burning car right next to them. If the fact that that crazy fucking idea worked had anything to do with a candy bar, then hell yes I'll eat one. His quick thinking might have saved twenty lives and yet only totally killed the shit out of one midget car racer.

Let them die!: 9/10
Here's a lesson Old Nick had to learn the hard way: Never stop a burning car from ramming into a crowd of people who are all somehow screaming harmonious outbursts. If multiple people like the ones shown here are, at the exact same time, screaming "IT'S HEADING THIS WAY! WE'LL BE TRAPPED-- BURNED ALIVE!" then they are robots or drones from an evil hive mind. You should be making a robot-killing medal for the driver of the flaming car, not screwing his plan up with your rich, creamy candy bar.

Brain Twister Challenge: 45/10
In the final panel, the ad gives the reader the opportunity to deduce how Old Nick was able to spot the accident nearly four tenths of a second faster than the man in the purple hat. My super brain loves these types of mental challenges, and the two of us spent dozens of seconds formulating theories based on everything from candy-enhanced dextrose levels to old timey witchery. But I can guarantee you that in the 60 years this ad has existed, not one reader has ever guessed the correct answer: Old Nick surmised he was blinded by an broken oil line based on the driver's raised goggles, neither of which are pictured. Normally I say congratulations to people who can outsmart me with midget car puzzles, but in this case I say, "I hope it's fun making up impossible puzzles in Asshole Land, Cock."