This is the greatest miracle of economics and theology that has ever been. Seriously, read it.

It sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well I bet that's what they said about Jesus' face appearing in a tortilla, and look at where Jesus is today-- he's on every lamp in Mexico and flies through the clouds with incredible powers over time and space! If you're still not convinced of the sanity of the president of The BUDDHA's research and distribution departments, read this excerpt from the eighth paragraph: "First, let me assure you of this. I know exactly what I'm doing." Suck on that, naysayers.

The only thing I'm concerned about is that there's an option you can check on the mail-in coupon to get TWO of these things. Now I'm not an economist, so I can't predict the long-term economic effects of everyone having all the free money they want, AND THEN DOUBLE THAT, so to be safe, please only order one The BUDDHA.