Ha ha ha ha, holy shit! The only thing more amazing than a plan to plug up a hero's Tootsie Roll hole by waiting for him to stand directly in front of a toy cannon is the fact that the plan went off! I also like the twist of how Dr. Narsty had to steal a child's toy to get a cannon schematic rather than just, you know, be the kind of mad scientist who knows how cannons work.

I didn't realize until this ad that Captain Tootsie has to be fed Tootsie Rolls at a per second rate. He needs them more than we need air. I know this because if someone plugged up all my airways with toy corks, that would leave me plenty of time to at least TRY to kill them back. But what I do have in common with Captain Tootsie is that I'd say exactly "UGH! FLOOF! BLURPF!" and refuse to pull out any corks until it could be done by a conga line of children.

"dun-dun dun-dun DUN DUN!"
"We are here to PULL OUT!"
"The cork in Captain TOOTSIE!"
"Then almost cerTAINLY!"
"He will touch our SECRETS!"
"dun-dun dun-dun DUN DUN!"