Effectiveness: 2/10
Thanks to modern advances in hedonism and loneliness, having sex with a giant woman-shaped balloon no longer seems that crazy. But you know what is? An ad for an inflatable doll desperately trying to find non-sex uses for it WRITTEN BY THE DOLL ITSELF.

"Give me to your daughter, and she'll have the biggest doll in town... with fuckable orafices! Use me to deter burglars! Because if I, someone's inflatable woman, am in plain sight, no one's going to want to touch anything in that home until it's been boiled!"

Inspiration: 8/10
"Keep imagining kids! There are hundreds of uses for a Judy Doll. Use me to save lives at the pool! Or prop me in the corner and I can hold up to one hat! Why, you could fill me with bees and use me to kill! Or just make me your friend and take me with you everywhere! Be careful, though! People will fuck me!"