So Aquaman screws up, fucks up, then forgets what Twinkies are? Did I miss the first part of the comic where he gets amnesia and can't remember that Twinkies are the only way he ever comes out ahead in a confrontation? It's unbelievable that anyone can suck this hard for so long.

Mr. Fish:
Is Aquaman, you know, special? I can't think of another reason where you'd see a submarine and jump to the conclusion, "He must be a kelp-hater on a mission to ram plants!" Someone should lock this mental retarded up. How long will it be before he sees a little girl at a drinking fountain, decides she's trying to drain the ocean of its water, and drops a killer whale on her head? And on that day, nobody's going to give him Twinkies. The only thing he'll be getting fed are PAPERS FOR HIS ARREST. Yes! I am so awesome!

Dr. Doom
Due to a biological joke Doom played on this puny Earth with my time machine, the MALE sea horse is the one that carries the fertilized young, effectively making the men of the species "pregnant." Doom feels your enjoyment of this advertisement will be enhanced if you knew the hippocampus Aquaman's genitals rest against is male and pregnant. Enjoy the time-spanning genenetic practical jokes of Doom, for they are without equal. For example, it was also Doom who encoded fat girl DNA to smell like roasted foot.

Luke Cage
Roasted foot? You mean that was you? Thanks, brother!