Mr. Fish:
What stupid bitch of a mom would name their kid Iceberg Head? You don't just pick a body part and make it their name. What is Spider-Man going to call a villain that already doesn't mind it when you call him Iceberg Head? Or maybe I shouldn't talk since my three daughters are named Lobster Toe, Steve, and Halibut Vagina.

Why was Aquaman investigating a weather anamoly without a cupcake? That kind of bullshit really takes me out of the story.

Luke Cage:
Dig this joke I wrote: white people be swimmin' and they say shit like, "What a pleasant day for a swim, Iceberg Head! You are quite welcome to this cupcake, my good friend!" But if Aquaman was black he'd be sayin', "I can't swim, iceberg motherfucker! Whooo wooo! Throw a rope, motherfucker! Whoomp there it is, motherfucker!"

Dr. Doom:
Masterfully done, fool. Doom appreciates Mr. Cage's insights into the differences between our cultures. Doom himself has been working on a joke about how dictators have TWO arms while peasants instead are forced to go through a procedure to have them replaced with poisonous snakes. Doom plans on flapping his unmatched arms at the end of the joke as if they were snakes eating Doom. The pain you are feeling is from Doom's domination of your funny bone.