Despite the fact that all four of us are heterosexuals, circumstances beyond our cultural control have forced this ad to be a special All Fashion Review Ad. Probably because of the irony in that in a comic called "A Matter Of Good Taste," the antagonist is dressed like a baked potato on laundry day.

Mr. Fish:
Glub. Fuck reviewing her fashion. Look at how she fights. That's right, Jet-Set Jessie! Don't bother hitting Batgirl! Just spin, sparkle, and trust in your imagination! And when you're looking back years from now from your prison cell you'll say, "I don't regret my lack of punches that day. Because even though my afro and I have spent the best years of our lives in this filthy cell... for a spinning moment of dazzling gleam... for that one moment, my disco heart was truly free. And don't let me forget the sweet taste of golden Tw*... hey, prisoner #20984A, I'll trade you these three cigarettes for a fuck."

Dr. Doom:
Doom does not play games with fashion advice, Jet-Set Jettie. You WILL remove 80 percent of the sequins and 100 percent of the part of your pants suit that hides your cleavage, or you will be atomized. Lose the headband or your family dies as well. In fact, Doom demands that you banish the vile thing outside of this Earthly plane.

Luke Cage:
Damn, you fools is crazy. That foxy bitch knows how to dress.