Was there even a crime here? These women just stopped their stage show to eat. That's got to be weird for the audience, but totally legal. What did the police do when Batgirl brought them in? Hold them for impersonating whores until they could get the bad dinner theater charges to stick?

Luke Cage:
You white people wear some weird shit when you're dancing.

Mr. Fish:
"We've starved ourselves for days to look like the real Magpies?" Who are these people that they can look like The Real Magpies in just days of starvation? I've been on an all algae-chip diet for 2 months, spending 3 hours a day on the stair master, and it still takes my fish gut half a minute to catch up to the rest of me if I turn really fast. Glub. And what's a real Magpie and how can I strangle one?

Dr. Doom:
As unstoppable as Doom truly is, he admits that the false Magpies' exact strategy has worked on him many times. Once Doom's entire suit of amazing armor was stolen from him while he was distracted by the thief's mesmerizing dancing. Humiliated and naked, Doom was reminded of his first night in the college dorm room with a young Mr. Fantastic. It's his cursed fault that Doom still cries when he sees balls!!!