Mr. Fish:
Look how Batman tied those karate guys up. Do you think it was Batman who made the one on the right crotch towards center, or did the karate guy wiggle around to do that himself?

Karate Man A: "Oh great, we're all tied together. Man, I hate assassin missions! What... what are you doing, Assassin Bill?"

Assassin Bill: "Just! Ungh! Turning around! Ungh!"

Karate Man A: "Bill, that's... is that your numchucks?"

Assassin Bill: "Giggle!"

Luke Cage:
Are those fools wearing white belts? That's not very high up in karate. Why didn't Batman throw a boomerang instead of a Twinkie? It takes like at least a blue belt to karate a boomerang out of the air. Lucky I wasn't there. I'd eat all the Twinkies myself and be fucking DIM MAK, bitch! WaooooWATAAAHH!!!