Mr. Fish:
Pigeon Person seemed really upset about Robin calling her Pigeon Woman. Maybe she has a dong? Glub. Ah, I'd still hit it.

Pigeon Person brags, "An America without statues is an America without a past. Ha! Ha! Ha!" Even conceding that's true, what? Is her plan really to rebuild America over the remains of its forgotten, statueless past? Is she hoping that we'll all go, "Wait, where are all the statues... w-what is this place? Maybe even, who am I!? Oh, hi lady... I-I mean "person." I see you like pigeons. Will it be you who leads this brand new country?"

No, that's nonsense. Maybe she'd collected so many pigeons that they'd run out of things to shit on and she was too embarrassed to tell Batman that that's why she was stealing the statue of liberty.

Luke Cage:
Man, what kind of GOD damn tax payer ass rape is this? The Army's going to let Batman drop cup cakes as the pigeon distraction plan? Cup cakes are like fifty cents each! For a pigeon, motherfucker? Them filthy rat birds get excited when they find a wet napkin in the trash. They'll eat disease out of a hobo's hand! Drop some left overs on those birds, Army!

Dr. Doom:
Bah. Doom once turned the Fantastic Four's building into a surprise rocket just to kill them. That is at minimum, one million extra steps taken to reach a simple goal. This vile woman moves monuments by hypnotizing vermin. That is one million steps taken to reach nothing. Can you even comprehend Doom's disapproval!?