These mad scientists always forget the little things. Like this guy built a piano capable of sucking nearby people in to make the piano sound more like people. That's amazing, maybe. I don't really get it. But it seems like that takes such a level of scientific brilliance that he can't be bothered with the little thoughts like, "Maybe the best time to vaporize The Three Bottles ISN'T in the middle of a Three Bottles stage show."

Mr. Fish:
Seriously, how was he expecting the show to go? "Dude, we saw The Three Bottles last night, and it was awesome! They had stage effects and everything-- ten seconds in, all three Bottles got sucked into the piano and then the rest of the set was just piano music that sounded like terrifed screams! Whoooo, ROCK! Oh, and The Three Bottles are STILL missing, man! Foul play is sus-PEC-TEEEEED!!! YEAH!"

Luke Cage:
What in the name of GOD damn shit is this?

Dr. Doom:
Doom agrees with Luke Cage.