Luke Cage:
Hold on. That guard just LET those crocodiles eat the gold? How these evil mother fuckers always win arguments in these comics? Man, my ass would be fired so fast if I let a space monster's stomach be more important than the world economy. Here's my employee handbook: "Motherfucker, get out of Fort Knox and put on some pants. I will SHOOT YOU."

Calling these alligator things "Intergalactic" is totally unnecessary. They're wearing bloomers and there's lightning bolts on their chest. Of course they're intergalactic. Either that or they're a karate team spreading their positive message to special education schools. But then it would make no sense for them to be eating bars of gold at Fort Knox.

Mr. Fish:
Good thing Batman got there in time to paint a giant blue bat on the wall. How do things like this nonsense happen? Well, I think it started a little something LIKE THIS:

Mike: "Okay, here's the plan: we break into Fort Knox in these comical lizard suits."

Dave: "Ha ha ha, why?"

Mike: "If any guards catch us, we can say we're visitors from beyond time."

Dave: "No, no check this out: we're there to EAT THE GOLD!!!"

Mike: "Or we'll DIE! Ha ha ha!"

Dr. Doom:
Doom has experience caring for beasts with strange dietary needs. The pandas Doom tortures for pleasure survive only on bamboo. Unlike these foolish crocodile men, Doom knows that painting another food the same color does not make it edible. Does one feed a vampire a tomato instead of blood? Does one feed Doom's favorite pornography stars pudding instead of feces? Perhaps Doom's unmatchable knowledge of nutritional science is being over-applied in such dismissable advertisements.