Just in case you're not a nerd, The Trapster used to be called Paste Pot Pete and his super power is owning a gun that shoots paste. I don't know how he made the jump from fixing bathtub seals to terrorizing the world... I think maybe he's being sarcastic. Go through the comic again and imagine every single person in it is kidding, and it starts to make a lot more sense. Especially at the end when Trapster praises Captain America's intelligence after he feeds his henchman eight pies.

Mr. Fish:
I wonder how pissed that big bald guy is getting. I mean, he's trying to choke Nick Fury to death and the guy's not even paying attention. Glub. Does Nick Fury have A.D.D. or something? "Ack! Can't.... breathe.... Oh, hey Captain America. Check out this guy on my neck! I had hot dogs for breakfast. Whoa, I'm being choked!"

Dr. Doom:
Doom admits he cannot conceive of how the Trapster's plan failed. It had all things necessary - a nondescript henchman who is distracted with food, a metal base with no personnel or defenses, and doors that are easily punched off their hinges. Doom feels the only thing missing from its perfection was an air vent leading from the outside directly to the central control room. Oh yes-- a tiny flying robot who beeps hello and occasionally bonks into walls and makes weeping sounds might be nice.