I'm not such an eagle-eyed gay jokist that I hear "Sore Sir" and immediately think gay, but after reading that caption in the second panel with Cap's muscles tightening and pistons smashing, I think this might be fiction for really lame homosexual people.

Mr. Fish:
You had to hear about pistons thrusting before you noticed this was homoerotic? They might as well be wearing leather hot pants and cop hats and picking out curtains. I don't know if I'll be able to hear "Creamed Filling" anymore without thinking about how safe I'd feel in a man's chest hair while he tells me that it'll always be like this... always.

Luke Cage:
Sweet Christmas! Captain America punched that green mutha right in the purple diaper! Over and over and over. He taught those suckas a lesson with those pounding pistons... why ... why do I feel the need for the touch of a man?

Dr. Doom:
Doom also felt a subconscious encouragement of homosexuality from the ad. Can even Doom's unmatchable will hold back the surge of his newfound desires?!